Future Plan for
King Street Car Park

A developing vision for a strategic City Centre site

Next Steps

Our online consultation is now closed. All of the responses gathered to date have been shared with the design team. These comments will help to inform development of the project ahead of a Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) application later this year. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed their thoughts and ideas. We hope you have found the consultation useful and informative.

In terms of next steps, Vengada Estates and the project team will record the comments made and consider where any changes may need to be made to the proposals as a result of those comments.

In addition to the comments received from this consultation, we will continue to engage with Planning Authority officers and statutory consultees to further inform proposals from a policy perspective.

Submission of a PPP application will be the next significant stage of the process. Neighbours will be formally notified by Glasgow City Council and there will be an opportunity to submit formal comments on the proposals within the statutory consultation period.

Following the end of the consultation period, please contact Shahid Ali of JLL (Planning Agent) and he will be pleased to assist with any further queries related to the proposed development. Shahid’s email address is shahid.ali@eu.jll.com and can be contacted on 07894 605 375. 

Many thanks for your time and feedback.

Purpose of this Consultation

Vengada Estates Limited proposes to submit a Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) application to Glasgow City Council for a mixed-use development on the site bounded by Osborne Street (North), King Street (East), Bridgegate (South) and Stockwell Street (West). We have referred to the site as King Street Car Park for the purposes of this consultation. This presentation has been prepared as part of the pre-application consultation for the proposed development.

The aim of this consultation is to present the proposals as they stand and gather feedback from the local community and stakeholders, which will then feed into the final development proposal that is submitted as part of the PPP application.

The proposed mixed-use development comprises residential flats, offices, retail, workplace, food and drink, business and commercial uses, hotel, leisure, and associated public realms and works.

Pre-application discussions are ongoing with a range of consultees, and in tandem a body of research including reports on air quality, wind assessment, ground conditions, drainage, flood prevention, ecology, transport, planning policy, design and access are being prepared.

Before submitting an application, Vengada Estates are undertaking an online public consultation event (Future Plan for King Street Car Park) in order to seek the views of the community on the proposals, and to share the analysis and research which helps inform the design approach. 

Vengada Estates and the appointed design team recognise the importance of providing local businesses, community interest groups, and those who live in, work in, or otherwise make use of the local area, an opportunity to learn about the emerging proposals and to make their views known. 

Image shows an illustration of multistory buildings with many windows. At the ground floor of the buildings are trees and people walking and cycling.

The Story So Far

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest and most dynamic city. Its city centre is the hub of the city’s economy and life. In 2016, Glasgow City Council and its partners across the city began long-term regeneration work under the  '(Y)our City Centre' project with the ambition to develop the role of the city centre at the heart of Glasgow’s economy. 

Between 2017 and 2019, the '(Y)our City Centre | St. Enoch' report highlighted the strategic importance that the King Street Car Park site - bound by Stockwell Street to the West and King Street to the East - played and in re-establishing vital east west connections through the Merchant City as well as direct routes to the River Clyde and Glasgow Green, and that in doing so would unlock further potential across the city centre.  

In early 2020, an expert design team was carefully assembled to undertake the initial phase of work to unlock the potential of the King Street Car Park site and seek Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) from Glasgow City Council.

The design team is focused on maximising the opportunities a future plan for the site could offer the local community and the wider City. In accordance with the latest Scottish Government guidance issued in April, this website is a central, free and publicly accessible location to share information, details and images of the future plan for King Street Car Park with the public and to support the request for Planning Permission in Principle (PPP).  

Online Consultation 

Our online consultation is now closed. All of the responses gathered to date have been shared with the design team. These comments will help to inform development of the project ahead of a Planning Permission in Principal application later this year. 

There will be further opportunities to comment on the project as it progresses at future stages of development. 

Project Vision

This Project Vision details the guiding principles that underpin the placeshaping aspiration for King Street Car Park.

View the Project Vision

Design Team Presentation

The Design Team Presentation is an opportunity to hear first hand from Stallan-Brand, the award winning and Glasgow based architecture practice who are leading the design team, about their work so far for King Street Car Park. It is a chance to better understand the challenges presented by the site and the efforts of the design team to make the city centre the place to live, work, shop, play, visit, create and enjoy.

About King Street Car Park Site 


The site where you today find King Street Car Park was historically a key part of Glasgow’s morphology and can even claim to be the first point of cross for the River Clyde. Over the past 300 years the site has consisted of a mix of residential and trading uses within a very fine urban grain. 

The Briggait and its Merchant Steeple announced the site as a key gateway to the city in terms of Seafaring in 1876, and remained the city’s fish market for over 100 years. During this time in the mid 19th century a major railway station, St. Enochs was built through and across the entirety of the site which wiped out the fine urban grain and abruptly divided the current Merchant City from the River Clyde. 

In 1960, ‘The Beeching Axe’ plan was rolled out and reduced the route network and restructuring of the railways across the UK. This closed St. Enoch Station and its railway and since then the site has been used as a car park ever since. 

Between 1970 and 1980, Glasgow suffered from a decline in city population and a subsequent lack of appetite for city centre development despite Glasgow’s growing reputation as a dynamic destination. In 1990 Glasgow was awarded the title of ‘Cultural Capital of Europe’ which kickstarted the regeneration of the Merchant City from the mid 90s to the present day. 

Today, the site borders an area of the Merchant City which has evolved organically as a cultural quarter with many commercial and independent galleries, creative enterprises, workspace hubs and music venues. 

Current use

Currently the site exists as an outdoor car park operated by NCP. The prominence of such a large car park within the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City continues to be a focal point for discussion and over the past 20 years there have been a number of development proposals put forward for the site. 

An aerial photograph of the King Street Car Park, showing the site and surrounding streets and buildings.

With further emphasis globally on a shift towards more sustainable modes of travel the site holds significant potential with regards to Glasgow City Councils long-term strategy to reduce car dependence and congestion across the city centre and encourage increased use of public transport. 


Glasgow is world-renowned as a centre for art, design, and creativity; home to Turner Prize winning artists, innovative galleries and venues, and a thriving music and theatre scene - much of which is located in close proximity to the King Street Car Park site.

A sculpture of a large purple representation of a human head, sat within a grass area with birch trees surrounding.

A future plan for King Street Car Park is an opportunity to recognise the value of a placeshaping approach for the site which supports and encourages the development of this established creative and cultural neighbourhood. 


A carefully assembled expert design team brings their wealth of detailed local knowledge to the development of a future plan for King Street Car Park.

Stallan-Brand logo



Stallan-Brand was established in 2012 by a team which has evolved over the last 25 years and includes architects, masterplanners, graphic designers and model makers. They champion transformational design informed by dialogue and creative exchange. 

OOBE logo


Landscape Architect

OOBE is a landscape architecture practice established in 2010 and based in Glasgow, Newcastle and London.They combine design quality with technical rigour in the delivery of meaningful landscapes all within a BIM (Building Information Modelling) environment. 

JLL logo


Planning Consultant

JLL are world leaders in real estate services, powered by an entrepreneurial spirit. Their Glasgow team advise on all the key aspects of the property market, exploring commercial and residential opportunities on behalf of their clients. JLL are the appointed Planning Consultant to Vengada Estates.

Savills logo


Development Consultant

Savills is an international, multi-disciplinary property consultancy headquartered in the UK with a 106-person team based in Glasgow. In 2016, a dedicated Commercial and Mixed Use Development Team was established with the purpose of creating collaborative client and project focussed teams across our sector specialists in the residential and commercial markets

New Practice logo

New Practice

Engagement Consultant

New Practice is a new architecture practice based in Glasgow and London. Their team works at the forefront of placeshaping practice, developing the creative capacity of cities and connecting people with the decision making processes that underpin the urban experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have assembled a list of common questions and answers to assist this consultation exercise and may assist any feedback you have.

In normal circumstances, we would have held a public
exhibition within a fully accessible city centre venue to allow the public to learn more about the future plan, meet the design team and ask questions. Indeed, we had The Briggait booked out to conduct this in April.

However, the Covid-19 emergency means it is not currently possible to hold public events without unacceptably posing a significant risk to public health and hence a face to face public exhibition will not be
possible for this consultation.

You can provide comments via email and telephone, (details above) as well as the Vision Survey and Live Chat service.

All written representations must be made via these channels and not to Glasgow City Council.

A Planning Permission in Principal (PPP) application will be submitted in the near future and there will be an opportunity to submit formal comments to Glasgow City Council on the proposal within the statutory consultation period.

The site is owned by Vengada Estates and leased to NCP Car Park who operate from the site.

A PPP application is targeted for submission in Autumn 2020.

The car park will only close if detailed planning permission is secured and no date has been set for its closure.

The exact mix of uses will be decided once the masterplan has been approved and individual phases are brought forward. 

We anticipate there will be a mix of uses including places to live and work as well as shops, food/drink and cultural uses. This will be determined by several factors including market demand and interest from potential occupiers and operators. The description of development has therefore been written to include a wide range of uses at this stage.

This is very much driven by the planning process and engagement with potential occupiers, operators, and development partners. However, we do not expect development to commence before 2023 at the earliest.

The council has identified the King Street Car Park as a
site for mixed use development. This is part the city’s wider ambitions to double the population of the city centre over the next 20 years. City Centre sites such as the King Street Car Park will be key to delivering on these ambitions and creating a vibrant and active city centre.

Along with other developments in the city such as Barclays Campus and Candleriggs Square, mixed use development at King Street will be a key component of the Glasgow’s economic regeneration.

We appreciate that the loss of the car park is of concern to some. However, within the immediate vicinity there are neighbouring commercial car parks that can accommodate future requirements.

An Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Opinion has been lodged with Glasgow City Council to determine what environmental matters must be addressed as part of the planning process. It is important to the applicant that all relevant environmental impacts are assessed.

Site conditions, ecological surveys, tree surveys, flood and drainage assessments, air quality, wind assessment, and landscape plans are being prepared and will be submitted with the PPP application. These studies are ongoing and feeding into the design process.

There is no formal requirement for affordable housing on the site. We would however anticipate that any proposed housing would provide a wide range of types and tenures, including family accommodation and Build to Rent. 

There are a number of community, and indeed wider benefits for Glasgow with the proposed development. There will be significant economic benefits with job creation, retail, commercial and leisure space; potential wider infrastructure improvements that willc omplement existing proposals in the vicinity; permeability through the site; publicly accessible open space; additional housing mix; and the proposals will not be a gated community.

The heights and massing strategy has been carefully developed to respond to the site’s varied context which includes surrounding listed buildings such as the Briggait and South Block. A variety of building heights are proposed including taller building in considered locations where they can positively contribute to the city’s townscape.

The proposed building heights are similar to other new developments in the city centre including Candleriggs Quarter and Buchanan Wharf.

The buildings will be designed in detail once the PPP has been approved. However, to ensure development is of a high quality and responds to its context, a design code will be prepared as part of the PPP application. This will establish rules for the design, materiality and elevations of the new buildings to ensure they create a cohesive environment with exemplar architecture and public spaces.

Glossary of terms

Term Definition
Design Team The design team is primarily responsible for taking an idea and bringing it to life using their professional skills. The end result is a design or approach that aligns with the client’s desires, is feasible, conforms with regulations and is within budgetary restrictions.
Consultation Digital or in-person interaction with members of the public to share and make information available about plans and proposals for places.
Future Plan An intended future course of action or scheme aimed at achieving specific goals or objectives within a specific time frame and framework.
Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) PPP is a mechanism by which developers can establish certainty about the principle of a proposed development in terms of land use, location and amount of development.
Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) PAN is a notice served on the Local Authority (Council) by an applicant (Developer), advising them of the applicant's intention to submit a planning application in the future and the steps the developer proposes to engage with the public prior to application submission.
Public Exhibition An in-person meeting with members of the public to present information about plans and proposals for places and to explore any associated opportunities and challenges through discussion and/or facilitated toolkits.
Consented This is when a planning application has been approved, allowing development to continue towards delivery on-site.